PotatoWorld magazine on the Variety Presentation Days:

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At the annual variety presentation days in Emmeloord and its immediate surroundings, we asked the participating breeding and trading companies ‘what is the most important focus in your breeding work at the moment’. 

The full article includes a wide range of answers we received from Dutch companies such as:

  • Meijer Potato, Rilland
  • De Nijs, Warmenhuizen
  • Schaap-Holland, Biddinghuizen
  • Stet Holland, Emmeloord
  • TPC, Emmeloord
  • Danespo Holland, Berltsum
  • Den Hartigh, Emmeloord
  • Interseed, Dronten
  • Geersing Potato Specialist/Caithness Potatoes, Emmeloord
  • Plantera, Marknesse
  • Selection Company Kooi, Leeuwarden
  • Agroplant, Medemblik
  • Royal ZAP/Semagri, Wieringerwerf
  • Agrico Research, Bant
  • HZPC, Joure

And also international companies including:

  • Europlant, Lüneburg (D)
  • Norika, Sanitz (D)
  • Germicopa, Quimper (F)

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