PotatoWorld magazine on HZPC Research and HZPC's variety package:

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‘Since 2007, we’ve opted for a sector based approach to commerce and breeding. As a result, our growers have focused more on research than development. Annually, we spend 16 percent of the gross margin on R&D. Research has become more important in supporting the development of breeding', Robert Graveland, Director of HZPC Research, told PotatoWorld magazine.

The full article on HZPC Research and HZPC's variety package discusses a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Three quarters of the varieties being resistant to Phytophthora and virus by 2030,
  • Hybrid varieties for the African market,
  • Five hundred thousand potential varieties.

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  • 'In 2023, we plan to register a hybrid variety in
    the Netherlands',
  • ‘The use of gene-editing, such as the
    CRISPR-Cas method, doesn’t have to be shared
    with the market.’